Energy and us

A story of indifference

We ran a two week experiment to understand why we're so indifferent about energy. We found that while our relationship with traditional energy providers is broken, our relationship with energy is just getting started! In this context, we imagined what a new kind of relationship with a different kind of energy service could look like.  

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What does a new kind of relationship with a different kind of energy service look like? 

We imagined a world in the not too distant future, where price and renewable energy options were hygiene factors. Where switching was easy and frequent, and customisable energy services with peer to peer energy sources became the norm.

Kin and Kitty are the two concepts we developed in response to our vision of the not too distant future, research into our current pain-points as energy consumers, and trends in the technology and energy space.

The concepts illustrate the key principles we've developed that guide what a new kind of energy service could look like. 

These key principles are: 

  1. Let me create my own service: use digital to give me the tools I need to design my own service (hyper personalisation) 

  2. Let me engage with you on my own terms: use data about what motivates me (ask me first) to drive our interactions, rather than assuming you know what kind of relationship I want to have with you

  3. Help me solve my 99 actual problems: capture my attention by finding a way to solve the real problems in my life, then I might let you get to know me better

Find out more about how we arrived at these three key principles for what a new energy service could look like as well as everything else we learned via our chapters

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From indifference to action


Energy choices that feel good and easy

Kin helps you understand the impact of your energy choices, so you can save money and the environment.

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House sharing made simple

Kitty takes the pain out of managing shared bills and makes switching to better deals easy. Everyone automatically pays their fair share–no more chasing money.

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What we learned



chapter 1

Our relationship with energy

Most people follow the path of least resistance and don’t think about it, even if it feels expensive.

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chapter 2

Utilities for shared living

An underserved, growing segment where our typical painpoints are magnified

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chapter 3

The desire for something new

The way we live and what we expect from service providers has changed. So why haven't the services provided by suppliers changed?

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chapter 4

What now for energy suppliers?

What happens when price and renewable options become a hygiene factor? How will energy suppliers differentiate their services?

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