About Spaces

At Adaptive Lab we love to experiment. Spaces is an experiment where we give a team of our designers 2 weeks to investigate a topic that they are passionate about, have fun and come up with some exciting concepts to share with the world.  

Our first one is looking at our relationship with energy, as our team is passionate about finding ways to encourage more people to care about where their energy comes from. Tune in for more Spaces to come! 

About Us

We are a product and service innovation company established in 2009. Experts in product, service, business design and new ways of working, we are a team of 50 designers, strategists and technologists. We partner with companies looking to innovate in fast moving times. 

With backgrounds in consultancy, large corporates and startups, our talented teams have hybrid skillsets and are digital natives.

We’re on a mission to use design to build a bolder future. Let's create something amazing together. 

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